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Bär SmartControl remote control

The use of radio control is increasing constantly. Therefore Bär has developed the innovative Bär SmartControl concept. Because the use of radio remote controls brings with it a range of risks. The Bär SmartControl remote control minimizes these risks in a way that is unique to date – for a safe control by radio:

  1. SafeConnect ensures operator presence in a defined operating position close to the Cargolift when logging in the hand-held transmitter.
  2. DoubleClick and holding of the pushbutton prevents unintentional operation.
  3. RadioKey protects against unauthorised operation through automatic locking of all control elements when exiting the working area.
  4. The 4-Functions pushbutton protects the operator against unintentional tilting of the platform under load.
    5. AutoStop 45°induces the operator to safeguard the danger zone (crushing and shearing points) when closing the platform.

Both lifts - on the truck and on the trailer – can be operated by one hand-held transmitter.

Exhibitor: Bär Cargolift (Gerd Bär GmbH)

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